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Dechmont Club Rules
Club Rules

Dechmont Club Rules

1. Membership of the club will be at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee.

2. All applicants shall first serve a probationary period of three months or as many visits to qualify for the time period and pass a verbal exam on air gun law and safety before being admitted to membership.
A Passport photograph is required from club members.

3. All members shall pay such affiliation and attendance fees as will be from time to time determined by the executive Committee.

4. The club will apply for membership of the Scottish Air Rifle and Pistol Association (Now STS AIR) and all members will be bound by the rules of that association.

5. All S.T.S. Air members will be entitled to guest privileges of the club on payment of the attendance fees then in force.

6. The club will endeavour to encourage members to participate in both indoor target and field target competitions.

7. No member will allow any unauthorised persons the use of premises or land used by the club for the purpose of our sport.

8. Range safety orders will be published separately for the compliance of all members..

9. Members using self contained air cartridge weapons must have the appropriate and current certification.

10. No Alcohol, Team Colours or Drugs will be allowed at any competition or meeting that is organised by the club.

11. Members will at all times conduct themselves in a manner designed to reflect credit on the club and our association.

12. Any member infringing these rules or in  any way bringing the club or association into disrepute will be liable to withdrawal of membership..

13. Any two members of the Executive Committee may suspend members rights pending a decision under infringement of rules 10,11 and 12

14. A simple majority of the Executive Committee will be .sufficient to withdraw membership under rule 10,11 and 12 there will be no right of appeal.
The club shall be known as Dechmont Air Rifle and Pistol Club and shall hereinafter be referred to as "the club"
      The objectives of the club shall be:-
1.      To encourage the safe and responsible use of airguns.

2.      To promote the sport of airgun shooting by example and by competition.

To obtain for members, such shooting facilities as may become desirable.
The club expects all members to promote an ethos of encouragement and the sharing of knowledge and experience in the sport among and between members through mutually supportive relationships.

All new members will serve a six-month probationary period from date of joining during which membership may be terminated if they have a complaint against them upheld, or act in a manner considered to be disruptive of the ethos of the club

All Members must be willing to obey all the club rules

All Members must be willing to accept and abide by the terms of the constitution.

3.      The club shall elect a management committee comprising:

o    A chairman.

o    A secretary.

o    A treasurer.

o    Any other office bearers as are considered to be necessary for the proper running of the club's business.

                        The management committee of the club may co-opt other members at any time to manage such tasks as may become necessary for the benefit of the club.

                        Management or project vacancies occurring during the year may be filled by co-option as required.

                        The committee members will resign each year at the Annual General Meeting (hereinafter to be referred to as the AGM) and shall be eligible for re-election.

                        Amendments to this constitution may only be made at the AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting (hereinafter to be referred to as the EGM) called by members and then only by a majority of two thirds of those members present and voting.

                        There shall be four Quarterly General Meetings of the club each year, including the AGM, to be held at the discretion of the members.

o    All members will be given fourteen days notice of a quarterly or annual general meeting

o    After receiving such notice, members will have seven days to submit topics for the agenda.

o    Such submissions should be made in writing to the current club secretary who will ensure that they are included in the agenda of the meeting.

o    A quorum for all general meetings shall be five members.

At the AGM, the management committee members will submit their reports to the membership and will then resign their posts.

o    A new committee will be elected.

o    Annual membership fees and range attendance fees will be set by a vote of the members.

o    Other business as is necessary to the good running of the club shall be conducted.

The Chairman will conduct the business of the meeting impartially and will have a casting vote, while all other committee members will have a deliberative vote.

If the Chairman is not present another officer will act in that capacity.

The Secretary shall take a record of attendance at committee meetings and create a proper minute of all proceedings, which will be agreed and approved by the committee at a subsequent meeting.

The Secretary shall deal with all correspondence relating to club activities or as directed by the Committee. 

Where a conflict of interest occurs (personal or business) between a committee member and committee business the member should declare that conflict of interest.  The member may remove him/herself from discussion of that business or be asked by the Committee to remove themselves.  Where the member concerned is the Chairman or Secretary the Committee will elect another Officer to take their place pro temp, which will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.  The Committee must remain quorate.

A conflight of interest will occur where a member has membership in another airgun club ,this conflict will prevent the member from taking part in any decision that has to be voted on. i.e. - such member will have no voting rights.


The club's financial year shall run from AGM to AGM.

The subscriptions and joining fee of the Club will be decided by the Club at the AGM.

The Committee will have the power to spend such moneys as may be required for the administration of the Club but shall not spend more than is available in club funds. (A limit to yearly spend may be set or amended at AGM or EGM)

Signatories to Club accounts will be the Treasurer and two others. All accounts will require at least two signatures to operate.

The Treasurer will submit the finances of the each year for auditing by a member out with the Committee and elected by the Committee. The Treasurer will then publish an audited financial Balance Sheet for the AGM

                        The property of the club shall be vested in the management committee during their term of office.
The management committee shall ensure that:

o    Club property is properly maintained and insured.

o    That club members have the required third party insurance.

                        In the event of the club being required to be wound up:

o    A two-thirds majority of those present and voting at an AGM or EGM of the club will be required to wind up the club.

o    The assets shall be sold off to the highest bidder, with the club members being given first option to bid.

o    The sum raised shall be disbursed equally amongst all the paid-up members of the club at the time.

                        The club shall offer members the opportunity to participate in the widest possible range of airgun disciplines and shall not differentiate between shooting disciplines.

                       The decision of the management committee shall be final on any matter, including those not specifically covered by this constitution,
with the proviso that any such decision may be reversed later at the AGM or at an EGM of the club.

Scottish Target Shooting (S.T.S Air)  works to promote safe and responsible use of air rifles and pistols. We strongly recommend that shooters follow these common sense rules when using air guns.
Airguns should be stored unloaded and out of sight, with ammunition stored separately.
Guns and pellets should be stored under lock and key if there are children in the house.
Do not touch any gun without the owner's permission. If you are not sure how to operate a gun, ask the owner.
Always ensure the gun is safe when you pick it up, remove it from its case or storage place, or it is handed to you. This means opening the bolt or breech, removing the magazine if fitted, and checking that the gun is unloaded.
When you put the gun down or hand it to someone it should be in the safe condition.
Unless you're aiming at a target, always point the gun downrange, or towards the ground.
Never under any circumstances point a gun at a person.
Keep the gun pointing downrange when loading, and keep your finger off the trigger until you are aiming at the target and are ready to fire.
Only shoot at targets which have a clearly visible safe backstop, such as a solid wall or earth bank, behind them, which will catch any stray pellets. Never fire over the top of a hill.
Do not rely on the safety catch. You are the safety mechanism.
Only carry an airgun in a public place if you have good reason, such as visiting a shooting club or a farm or ground where you have permission to hunt. The gun and and any magazine must be unloaded, detachable magazines removed and the gun secured in case or cover.
Never display or brandish a gun in a way that could alarm or frighten people.

On the Shooting Range

The range is under the control of the Range Officer who will generally be a committee member or other experienced club member.
Only load and fire the gun at the firing line. When you put the gun down, or are away from the firing line, the gun must be unloaded, with breech open and magazine removed.
Do not sight or aim the gun away from the firing line, or when a ceasefire is in progress.
Always shoot downrange, at right angles to the firing line. Never shoot diagonally across the range.
One blast of the Range Officer's whistle indicates a "cease fire". On hearing this signal, discharge the gun safely into the ground, and place the gun on the ground unloaded with breech open and the magazine removed. The Range Officer will the inspect the gun to ensure it is unloaded.
Never cross the firing line unless authorised to do so by the Range Officer.
Do not resume shooting, load, aim, or shoulder the gun until the Range Officer ends the “cease fire” by sounding two whistle blasts.
Under-18's must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.

More information is available from the BASC Airgun Code of Practice

Air Gun Safety
Club Constitution

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